Jim Hood

Jim Hood, President and Founder of the Jim Hood Company in Dallas Texas. Jim Hood began his financial career in 1984 when he earned both insurance and securities licenses. For the next 24 years he worked with such prestigious firms as Allied Business Management and The Hale Law Firm to provide financial planning strategies for clients that would inform, educate and position them to effectively plan for the future.

In 2008 Jim started his own practice forming Jim Hood Company. He continues using his knowledge, skills, experience and a diverse team of  highly qualified consultants to develop personalized investment programs for Jim Hood Company clients.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Missouri Engineering School and holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering. He has adapted the sophisticated planning techniques used in engineering to “engineer” financial plans for individuals and small businesses. Over the years, Jim has developed important core beliefs about growing wealth, risk and retirement.

  • You should never lose money. You have a limited amount of cash that will flow through your hands during your lifetime and you cannot afford to lose any of it.
  • Cash is king. Almost every opportunity is capitalized upon by someone that can put their hands on cash and put a good idea in motion.
  • Never interrupt compounding. It takes a skilled individual to position their cash in such a way that it is continually in a growth mode.
  • Taxes matter. It is impossible to avoid taxes, but we can minimize them. Every dollar you pay in taxes is not only gone, but your ability to earn interest on that dollar is also gone.
  • Liquidity, use and control of your resources is a must. True planning begins when you control your finances.

Jim Hood is married, lives in Midlothian Texas with his wife Shelia and a house full of rescues. He attends Trinity Church and is a passionate fisherman.